In less than 2 weeks I will be offering incalls in a very discreet apartment in Whitefield.

For now my biggest dilemma has been how to furnish it.  God knows I’m not a girly type and have no fu**ing clue when it comes to interior decorating or bloody designing.  For inspiration I went into Ikea and omg that was overwhelming.

Gosh I do wish  decorating was like my bookings, laid back and chilled out.  No drama.

During my recent tour to Newcastle, I had a stay at an amazing and tastesfully decorated apartment. I wish I had an ‘eye’ for that sort of thing.  For me just a bed, a sofa and a telly would do fine.

Maybe I should rope in some of my beautiful escort friends to help out as I definitely wouldn’t know where to start.


As a sidenote, for my Manchester clients who have been asking for incalls, it is soon happening and I am super excited and can’t wait to see you all.


Tori xx