Let’s meet, you won’t regret it


– You walk in and we chat for a minute and kisses start from the door

– We get a shower together as  we can’t get our hands off each other

– As we dry, I kiss you all over the body

– Then I kneel in front of you as I lick you up and down the shaft

– When you least expect it, you’re in my mouth and this is making you moan as I shove you a little further towards my throat

– You’re reaching a point of no return and you want me to go on but alas I can’t as there’s more to be had

– Time for a bedtime snog as you caress my ample breasts and I shove my nipples into your mouth. Hmmm that makes me so hot and wet

– With you lying on your back I bring myself up to sit on your face. Oh god that’s so good. I can’t do this anymore as I’m getting so wet right now 

– I kiss you again because I want the taste of me from your lips. Hmmm I taste yummmy

– We come back to our senses and I reach down for a condom, but with you in my mouth in slow motion 

– Condom on and I stay on top as you thrust yourself deep inside me. Aaah that’s hitting the spot especially the view of my boobs swaying all over

– We both reach the point of no return but you want to finish in doggy so I move. You love the view of my arse and start gently spanking me and that makes me want more of you deep 

– We finally get there. Hehehe you wanted to finish in my mouth or on my boobs but doggy was amazing 

– We catch our breaths and have a drink as round 2 is imminent. I can guarantee you, you’d love to be with me. COME CHECK ME OUT TODAY. YOU WON’T REGRET IT XX

Manchester Busty Ebony Escort

Ebony Escort… Different escort for different likes

Manchester Busty Ebony EscortI have been working as an ebony escort in Manchester for the past 18 months. This amazing job that I do has taught me a lot about people. I have learnt a lot about myself too.

Being an ebony escort, I am expected to be a hard faced nymphomaniac but I am definitely the opposite. One of the clients that spoke to me on the phone said he didn’t believe how pleasant I was.

I genuinely love my job and all I ask is you respect me and I’ll respect you back. We are not all the same and stereotyping couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sometimes I may adapt the services to suit the individual without deviating far from what I offer and without having to risk my boundaries. I however cannot be a nympho. Girlfriend Experience is exactly what I offer and as I said can be adaptable to suit the individual. If your tastes are not suitable to me, I will always ask you to look at directories like Adultwork or UK Adultzone where I believe you can’t go wrong in finding an ebony escort.

We are all not the same. If you search for an ebony escort, you will see that we come in all shapes  can offer different things, and may even come in different tones.  For an example, you could be looking for a very dark chocolate  escort, a caramel ebony escort or a milky ebony escort.  Yes we do come in different shades.  What wouldn’t like is for you to pay for a disappointment.

As I said earlier we may also come in different shapes.  Depending on your mood, you could be looking for a BBW , a busty escort or even a slim  escort.  So what I am saying is try and research as much as you can before you hurry to make that booking. It could be  exciting being with an ebony escort but as I said we are different and not the same

Tori x


In less than 2 weeks I will be offering incalls in a very discreet apartment in Whitefield.

For now my biggest dilemma has been how to furnish it.  God knows I’m not a girly type and have no fu**ing clue when it comes to interior decorating or bloody designing.  For inspiration I went into Ikea and omg that was overwhelming.

Gosh I do wish  decorating was like my bookings, laid back and chilled out.  No drama.

During my recent tour to Newcastle, I had a stay at an amazing and tastesfully decorated apartment. I wish I had an ‘eye’ for that sort of thing.  For me just a bed, a sofa and a telly would do fine.

Maybe I should rope in some of my beautiful escort friends to help out as I definitely wouldn’t know where to start.


As a sidenote, for my Manchester clients who have been asking for incalls, it is soon happening and I am super excited and can’t wait to see you all.


Tori xx